Offset Retro Campervan & Caravan Cupboard Hinges

Retro campervan and caravan hinges were often quite large and fitted to the exterior of the cupboards and their doors.
They were therefore more stylish and can now be found in sleek Deco style on Ebay, either original vintage or reproduction.
As the doors are not flush with the cupboards and instead stand proud of them (by the thickness of the door material), the hinges needed to be offset. That's why these hinges are called 'offset hinges'.

They are fitted directly to the front of the cabinet and the door. When deciding where to fit the hinges, imagine opening them in every possible way. Bare in mind sloping ceiling might mean cupboard doors catch on the ceiling and sloping cupboard compartments will make it impossible to use hinges at the top. If anything is sloping or if one side of the door is taller than the other, it's probably best to fit the hinges at the bottom.

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