VW Campervan Cupboards

VW Campervan Cupboards

Finally, our VW campervan cupboards are finished!

You can watch all the cupboard videos here.

This custom built cupboard was made by me and my daughter over the space of one month during our spare time at a cost of about €120, which includes the cost of the scrap material used. I chose this alternative cupboard idea as I wanted to leave free as much floor space as possible. I also didn't want under-bed storage as I didn't want a raised bed, which would result in less headroom.

The door knobs have been customised to include a bit of opalescent sparkle to compliment the window vinyl. I bought metal knobs with a flat front, created a well keyed surface and glued on a glass pebble using two-part epoxy glue. Before I added the pebbles, I crackled them by heating them up in a pan for ten minutes and then dropping them into iced water. You can watch the technique being done here.

The cupboard is super-strong but relatively lightweight as I used a thin board and 2cm x 2cm wooden framework. It's very secure as it's fitted to the body of the van with screws and adhesive and is partly supported by the bulkhead. It is totally solid and makes no annoying sounds as we drive around. I've not noticed any additional load on the van and it doesn't hinder my rear view.

The rest of the van will be completed in a similar fashion so please subscribe to the BohemiVan channel on Youtube to see what else we manage to create on our shoestring budget.

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