Campers of Character

Campers of Character

The Campers of Character slideshow above was created by BohemiVan to offer up some interior design ideas for campervans, trailers, caravans, RVs, motorhomes, etc.

There are many Youtube videos of men working hard on their van conversion projects but there is very little creative inspiration to be gleaned from them. Most projects end up looking very similar to each other: grey/black colour schemes, lots of plastic, crude or heavy wood, vehicle carpeting on walls and often absolutely no styling or decoration. In short, they do not look like little homes-from-homes. I think that's a shame.

I think this lack of homeliness is due to the that fact 99% of the time it's men converting vans. I know that because my Youtube statistics tell me 99% of my viewers are male. Maybe if the men are totally lost when it comes to the design they could rope in their women to assist, seeing as women do tend to be better at creating a homely feel.

I wonder if the men who created van conversions that look like the insides of filing cabinets and coffins also live in very municipal looking homes. Or is it that they are following other men's conversion videos and do what they believe is expected. We humans are very much followers and not innovators.

It isn't easy to break from the standard and do your own thing, even with something as unimportant as the interior design of a van. Maybe it would help all those men, and some women, who are struggling to express themselves in their projects to realise this is their chance to be a bit daring. They could imagine they're decorating a spare room in their house and can do whatever they want with it. Also, remind yourself you are doing this for you and your enjoyment and not for the people who will, years down the road, buy the van from you. It doesn't need to be pretty but it would be more exciting if it expressed personality. Beer bottle tops for door knobs, corks for hooks, a dart board and a bow and arrow perhaps, if they want to create a real man-cave-van.

After all, isn't the desire to own a campervan really a desire to get away from it all, to be free of the constraints of normal life? Time to let go folks and get creative.

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