VW T25 Campervan Conversion

Our VW T25 campervan conversion project is about two-thirds complete, so we thought we'd make a video to show off our achievements to date.

Here's what we've done so far:

- stripped out everything from the back.

- re-sprayed most of the interior.

- made and installed 4mm oak ply cards to the walls.

- installed plastic wrapped fibreglass insulation into all wall cavities.

- squared off the slanted back area to form a seat/bed.

- laid subfloor with conduit & insulation & boards.

- insulated ceiling.

- made & installed board ceiling cards.

- built, in-situ, overhead locker.

- installed 12v LED touch sensitive lighting.

- laid vinyl flooring & trimmed with wood.

- built kitchen unit.

- installed 30w solar system for lighting.

- sourced soft furnishings.

The only things we did not do ourselves was make the curtains and fit the new radio.

We didn't get any help from anyone with any other job.

Most of the things in the list above I had never done before. I am delighted to have pushed myself to do them as I conquered my fears at each step and now feel much more capable.

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