Diesel Scrappage Schemes & Clean Air Zones

The news today says a High Court ruling means the govt has got to push ahead with pollution reduction targets that will involve diesel scrappage schemes, daily fines for diesel owners to enter certain areas and clean air zones in which diesel and older vehicles will not be permitted to enter. This is just the start of course. Scrapping your beloved campervan will be voluntary at first. But life will be made more difficult for us, bit by bit.

Sensible forums for campervans and motorhomes are discussing this topic. It should be on every campervan owner's lips right now as it is the thin end of the wedge that leads to a very different kind of life than the one we all know and love. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Diesel vehicles were banned entirely from Oslo city centre this January. Paris, Madird, Mexico City, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Milan, Dublin, Brussels, Madrid and Athens are all moving towards an outright ban of all cars in all or parts of the city centres.

New rules are now copied throughout the world due to Agenda 21.

Masdar City, a planned smart city in Abu Dhabi, will not permit any private vehicles to enter past the city perimeter.

Here are some quotes from an article about India...

Smart cities to move people not cars, through efficient public transport.

Suggests policy interventions to restrain private vehicle population.

The objective of developing smart cities is not to encourage use of private cars but to see that even car owners take to public transport by increasing the cost of using private vehicles

suggested policy interventions like imposing deterrent congestion charges, tax measures to restrain owning and using personal vehicles, promoting vertical construction for dense living

Whether we like it or not, the future will not include old fashioned charm, renovating old things to keep them going, individuality in vehicle ownership, etc.

Last days of campervan disco folks. Face it now or face it later. I think it's better to face up to these things rather than burying our heads in the sand. Our technologically 'smart', environmentally fixated and communitarian futures will not allow for vintage charm...the hanging on to our old world.

Please watch this video which gives rough estimates of when modes of transportation will be changed.

Points included by these very coy men include:

Fully automated cars might happen within a decade.

A mixed system of human drivers and automated drivers will be phased out leaving only automated drivers.

Increasing areas will be for automated vehicles only.

The goal will be communal transportation.

The future will be 'smart' in smart cities.

Smart vehicles will be linked to homes.

We will have to get used to lots of drones flying about.

'Regions' of nations will take charge and not nations themselves.

I don't trust these representatives of big business to be revealing all, do you?

Ida Auken, former Environment Minister of Denmark reveals a lot more:

Leave a comment below if you know of any other diesel scrappage schemes, 
clean air zones and any other restrictions on vehicles.

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  1. Hmm, in some countries already there is a ban on the import of used cars older than 8 years of use ... And diesel among them too

    1. They do these things in small incremental steps so as not to alarm us and risk a revolt.