VANLIFE - Washing Machine Drum Storage Stools

Washing Machine Drum Storage Stool

Washing machine drum storage stools are perfect for vanlife!

I was lucky enough to pick up two of these washing machine drum storage stools at a charity shop in Spain. I already had two stools I'd made many years before. I butchered both pairs of stools to make the best pair of drum stools with foam-topped wooden lids.

If you wanted to make some yourself.....

1. Buy/find a washing machine drum.

2. Cut a thick piece of solid wood the same diameter as the drum.

(Can be an old solid wood table top from a charity shop.)

3. Cut a second circle of wood slightly smaller than the diameter 
of the hole the clothes went into.

4. Glue and screw the small circle of wood to the middle of the larger circle of wood.

5. Get thick foam cut the same diameter as the large circle.

6. Glue foam to top of mushroom of wood.

7. Measure from two inches under the wood and over the foam and the same on the other side.

8. Cut a circle of upholstery fabric using the diameter measurement from above.

9. Make a one inch hem and thread either elastic or cord.

10. Put fabric circle over foam and enjoy!

They're very comfortable to sit on, they can be moved about fairly easily, they're great for storing things in, the covers are easy to remove and wash, and the indentations in the sides make great magnet holders too. The washing machine drums have not gone rusty.....designed for lots of water!

We stored underwear in one drum and footwear in another. The perforated drums allow airflow, which is good for footwear, especially if it's a bit wet.

Our two washing machine drum storage stools are in our house at the moment, which means our van has lots of space for carthorse duties.

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